Upcoming tasting events at
City Swiggers
320 East 86th Street
btwn 1st Ave. and 2nd Ave.
New York City 10028



Mon - Thurs: 1pm - 10pm
Fri: 1pm - 11pm
Sat: Noon - 11pm
Sun: Noon - 9pm
City Swiggers
320 East 86th Street
New York, NY 10028

Get right to us on the
Second Avenue Subway.

Second Avenue Subway entrance directly across from City Swiggers. Watch C.S. owner Alan Rice featured in this WPIX-ch11 clip. Click HERE to view online article and clip.

City Swiggers

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City Swiggers


1. What is this place about?
We're a beer store and a beer bar in one. We have 30 seats with tables for those who want to enjoy a pint or a flight on premises. And we have about 800 beers in bottles (to go) on the shelves. Check out our tap list, above--at this Web page--or on the black board on the wall across from the bar in the store. As for the bottles, we have domestic beers in the front (west wall, sorted by region/brewery) and imports and ciders in the back. The cooler has a little of everything, sorted by style.
2. How long has City Swiggers been open?
City Swiggers has been open since November 1, 2011.
3. How many beers in bottles do you have?
We have over 8,000 beers in inventory, so far, and over 900 available on our shelves at any one time.
4. I have my own growler; will you fill it?
We'll fill almost almost any growler. A hi-foam beer (eg.: Hefeweizen) in a growler with with a narrow neck may be rejected; just too much beer waste with these circumstances.
5. How much is a City Swiggers growler if I need to buy one?
$5 +tax for the 64-oz. bottle (4 pints) and $3 +tax for the 32-oz. bottle (2 pints).
6. How long does beer stay fresh in a growler?
First, always keep your growler beer refrigerated. You should plan to open your growler within a couple of days (stouts and high-alcohol beeers perhaps a day or two longer). Once you open it, you should try to drink it up. As soon as your beer is exposed to oxygen it will rapidly begin to go flat.
7. How often do you change your taps?
We rotate them out one-by-one as they become depleted (we say, "kicked"). Our tap list changes almost completely every 10 to 12 days or so. And it is rare that the same beer will go up in place on any one tap, or ever. Lesson: You can count on our beers to be fresh but, indeed, ever-changing.
8. May I drink a bottle on premises?
We encourage people to drink from the taps, but if you must, we have sliding corkage fees on top of the price of your bottle:
=> $3 extra on any beer under 17 ounces
=> $5 extra on any beer over 17 ounces
=> $2 extra for gluten-free beer (because these are never available on tap)
=> no extra charge for purchased soft drinks from a bottle drunk on premises

9. What are your hours?
We're open 7 days a week. M-Th: 1-10, F: 1-11, Sat: Noon-11, Sun: Noon-9.